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OctoberCMS Website Design and Development

OctoberCMS is a open source, free, self-hosted CMS platform based on PHP Laravel framework, that gets back to basics to make the website build process easy & intuitive again. It allows an effortless creation of backend interfaces as it needs less programming & the file based system makes it very easy manageable. OctoberCMS depend on themes & its plugin system makes it extensible and versatile. October is perused one of the better for Laravel five CMS.

Why OctoberCMS?

OctoberCMS has been built to make website design, creation, and editing simpler and faster. It makes all the users smile with its easy approach & use of all the latest features of the PHP language. Plugins can be easily propagated with OctoberCMS to save valuable resources with the support of tools & variety of plugins. OctoberCMS is used for design & development of promotional websites for small to classified sites, large business, e-commerce websites also for very highly functional web app ranging from complex to simple.

Features of OctoberCMS

  • Powerful AJAX framework
  • Simple modern template TWIG, engine is used
  • Components are configurable building blocks that can be attached to any page
  • Flat file database is used for front end structure
  • Administrative interface requires minimal PHP coding
  • CDN help and image cropping
  • Package manager delivers updates & plugins
  • Builder plugin can create a fully functional plugin scaffold in a matter of minutes
  • It is robust and lightweight