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Mssql Database Development

MS SQL Server is the most used and most accepted tool for creating web and desktop and based database applications since it has a several of features ensuring high availability scalability, and performance.

MS SQL Server has become the suited database servers for small as well as large organizations because of its various set of features. This includes reporting solutions and data-centric application Business Intelligence solutions, for OLTP and OLAP.

Neptrox provides remote DBA and supreme DBA services.We render SQL Server services with strong BI tools and offer Microsoft SQL server development integrated with Sharepoint server allowing users to collaborate easily and share models across the enterprise.

On the other hand it is the first selection when it comes to the choice of databases that have to support the vast volumes of data along with end users. Yahoo, Google, among many others are just a few examples. We at Neptrox realize this and thus have a team of database expert that are well versed with the working and methodologies of the MS SQL Server database.

We have a team of DB Experts who can provide exceptional administration support and database development for all main versions of MSSQL Server. Our team of experienced Developers/DBA ensure top performance for your database systems which results in enhanced productivity, increase in revenues and lower overhead costs.