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Neptrox is the Java development company of Kathmandu, Nepal, which provides the Java software development services to the customers. Java is the most popular and easy language for the developers to understand and it also support the developers for developing the best software to support the industry-specific customers to grow and succeed Java experts of Neptrox will help you in providing the best platform of Java and this includes Java cards etc.

Java Struts Services-Neptrox

We have successfully developed the best Java applications for the customers in the world and this includes lot's of features. Our Java professional are ranked in the talent Java developers and they will help you in providing the best industry based experience. We have experience in the J2ME and J2EE frameworks like the Spring, Struts and many more technologies related to Java.

We also provide the services of web the APIs and components that also helps the SOA. Being the leading Java software developing company. We have very high knowledge in providing the customized interfaces and the graphical interfaces for Java desktop software and these applications helps you in promoting the brand identity of customer's business efficaciously with passing day. All our Java mobile application development services, games for devices, involves the widgets etc.