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Java Play Framework Development Services

PLAY Framework can be defined as the Rails for SCALA and JAVA. It has made development using SCALA / Java extremely simple. Play leverages the power of Scala and Java. It makes it straight forward to make web app in an env that is not Java Enterprise pivotal. We call ourselves a PLAY framework company based in Nepal .

Apache Ivy for Dependency Management

Play leverages the advantages of ADP and targets restful architecture. The integrated test runner builds it easy for you do test-driven development. You can write all kinds of tests, from full acceptance test to simple unit tests and run them in a browser using Selenium.

At Neptrox we are expert in PLAY frameworks and have a good experience in Play. The abundance of the framework & the advantage of a JAVA environment absolutely have established the bar for PLAY.

It is difficult though to compare it against the other well know frameworks such as DJango, SYMFONY, and Rails since PLAY offers all the features that these frameworks also offer. SCALA/ JAVA with the simplicity of DJango , RAILS and SYMFONY - a dangerously winning admixture.