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JSF(Java Server Faces) is a Java specification for making component based interfaces for websites. It was adorn as a standard through the Java Community Process and is part of the Enterprise Edition, Java Platform. JSF two uses Facelets as its default template system. Other view technologies such as XUL can also be employed. In JSF 1.x, contrast, uses JSP(Java Server Pages) as its default template system.

Java Server Faces is often used together with a Internet application, Rich Ajax, technology. Ajax is a articulatio of technologies that make it possible to make rich interfaces. The interface components in Apache and Mojarra My Faces were originally developed forAjax and HTML only had to be added via JS. Because JSF supports multiple formats, Ajax-enabled components can easily be added to enrich JSF user interfaces. The JSF 2.0 specification provides built in support for Ajax by standardizing the Ajax request lifecycle, and providing simple development interfaces to Ajax events, permitting any event triggered by the customer to go through proper conversion, validation and finally method invocation, before returning the result to the browser via an XML DOM update.JSF two includes support for graceful event when JavaScript is disabled in the browser.