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Domain Registration, Hosting and SSL Services

Neptrox is a leading mediator between domain, hosting and ssl service provider to customers for of web-presence solutions to professionals, small businesses, large business & individuals. We provide our clients a complete suite of products that help them establish and grow their online avail..

Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is a vital decision for any business planning to join the virtual amphitheater. A domain name is an exclusive address of your web portal through which it is found by your target customers. The process of buying a domain name is called Domain Registration. As a domain register mediator, Neptrox has thousans of domain name registrations to its credit.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a simple terms, enables your web presence to be accessible via the Internet. Neptrox provide web hosting services that are stiff to your specific requirements. Our deep knowledge as a hosting service, has helped us make scalable hosting service that promise unmatched value and exceptional performance. Our web hosting service is coupled with best-class technical support.

SSL Service

A SSL allows you to establish your credentials when doing transaction or other online business on the Web. You can present a SSL Certificate electronically to prove your brand or your right to services online or access information. If you are running a electronic banking website, virtual mall or any other electronic services web portals then customers may devote your website due to concerns about security and privacy. A server with its own Certificate assures users that the server is run by the company it claims to be affiliated with & that the content provided is lawful.