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Application Lifecycle Management(ALM) is a pre defined process of managing an application's development lifecycle right from knowing the needs of the clients through development or design process to the deployment of the apps. Through ALM, business can effectively manage their processes across the whole life of apps development in such a way that the cycle times & wastes are eliminated or considerably reduced.

Team Foundation Server(TFS) is an efficient ALM tool that is used by the businesses today to better manage their app development processes. Designed for the use of whole engineering teams including the testers, developers, system analysts, designers, project managers and every other person involved in the apps development process, TFS is a prompt participation platform that allows teams to work endways, report effectively & deliver results for projects of every size and shape. It provides VC, build system, tools & metrics required for the management & organization of projects.

What Neptrox Offers?

Now a days companies needs quality solutions that can help them achieve operational efficiency by integration of existing apps and this is what Neptrox offers. Neptrox Solution provides the right knowledge, tools, process and services guidance that can lead companies to success. We, at Neptrox, are very well aware of the needs of the companies for better manageable apps development process and thus provide full-fledged ALM services with TFS for increase practices & ease of operations across the apps development lifecycle.