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HTML5 Front End Development

The stretch of HTML web development has a lot to offer to its users different from being Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Our developers at Neptrox are well versed with iWebkit,Sencha, Dreamweaver which are various open source frameworks that help a developer to fulfill one's requirement of mobile and web websites with better compliance.

The intent of HTML5 web development is the compatibility with all major web browsers without any prong and to make such a workable open source platform so anyone can grant and take an benefits of new applications with ease - without any limitations.

Its development will unified streaming video existences into browser apps, so to entitle that it will include plugins like JavaFX, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight obsolete.

It gets tough to make a website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly which consists of flash, since Google can not crawl headings and links involved in flash. But the new HTML5 web development enables the dominance of flash to Google to fetch content, read and links tamper in flash. This process makes your website very much SEO friendly & allows you to take an benefits of highly animated designs and banners. Our experts developers can make your entire website on the HTML5 platform by not just making it Search Engine Optimization friendly but also user-friendly that is easy to navigate.

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